Monday, February 6, 2012

Tea Party ignores True Conservatives

So, the head of the Tea Party, Ms. Kremer, disagrees that voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. She believes, like most, that it's best to vote for who you think is going to win. Seems to me that with such a large organized (oops... infighting... I forgot) group they could get behind one candidate from the start and make it a race. Guess not.

Nor can she and the rest of the Tea Party see beyond their spectacles evidently. They obviously believe, as I have ALWAYS stated, they MUST vote for a Republican. This supports my original belief that the Tea Party was nothing but a conservative off shoot of Republicans, and NOT, as the Tea Party would have you believe, made of people from all parties and all walks of life. They are the moral majority, Christian far right wing of the Republican Party. And this is why I left them a long time ago.

To back this comment up, lets ask why the Tea Party isn't supporting the only true fiscal Conservative in the race, former NM Governor Gary Johnson. Why? ???? See... no response. Yet if you listen to the values supported by the Tea Party they will list smaller govt., tax reform (the Tea Party started as a support group for the FairTax in-part), fewer taxes and state's rights... oh yea... and supporting the backing of NEW blood into politics, supporting the election of non-professional life time politicians to office. In 8 years as Governor of NM, Johnson vetoed more tax increases than any Gov. in the country. He balanced the budget. He created jobs buy working with businesses to create a climate that made it easier for start-ups and business growth. He supports ending the drug wars. He supports the FairTax. Every single item is one mentioned as a Tea Party agenda item, yet NO Tea Party support. WHY?

The Tea Party is simply a front for the ultra right wing, the moral majority Christian right wing. They have grown into this over several years. They will ONLY support whomever the Republican hierarchy designates. Gary Johnson, who's political profile fits 100% what the Tea Party CLAIMS to represent... is totally ignored. Why? Because the Republican Party decided to ban him from every debate after he declared in April 2011. He was allowed in 1 early, debate, asked 2 questions, and that was it. Game over.

The Tea Party has ignored the very man and candidate who represents everything the Tea Party claims to favor. The Tea Party is no longer relevant. The Tea Party is exposed for the fraud it has become... supporting the lesser of two evils. And neither choice is even close to the agenda of the Tea Party. The Tea Party is now supporting two Republicans over a true conservative in Gary Johnson. The Tea Party is now supporting lifetime politicians, K Street DC insiders, lobbyists, greed, corruption morally and ethically corrupt politics. Good luck with that.

In another four years.. I'm going to be asking all you Republicans and Tea Party flip floppers.. "so, how's that change going for ya?"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Turning a Leaf (NOT a tea leaf) to Lead the Revolution

OK. Here's the deal. After reviewing some past commentary of mine, and much of what I have written recently, I realize I have been caustic, or at the least, not nice. :)

It's time to turn a new leaf. Beside the fact I would like to seriously take the time to engage in a social network based write-in candidacy for Congress in my district in Mesa, AZ. (Jeff Flake is the current resident but the powers that be promised him the Senate if he'd keep his mouth shut about earmarks and tax change and... thus the silence screaming through each night the past 18 months from our Congressman).

The premise of my desire to attempt this is simply a social experiment. But the truth is much deeper. This election showcases what is a major problem in this country politically. Money. Lots of money. My belief is that the vast majority of voters watch TV and fewer read print news, but all are on the computer, the internet and social networking sites are a haven for most. Social networking will be a way for ordinary people to have equal access to the voting public, without spending millions of dollars. Blogging, free info websites, social networking sites... this is where elections will be won in the very near future.

I invite all who might read this to join a revolution... remove the $$$ from politics and remove the monied from office. To accomplish this... support must be shifted to a third party until it becomes THE party, and either Republicans or Democrats become the "third" party. I'm thinking the Moral Majority far right wing will eventually be Republicans, and will make up about 8-10% of registered voters. Right now Republicans are the smallest % of registered voters at about 25%. Independents are the largest... at over 40% and growing yearly. Get the drift here?

A lot to muse over and about... more later. I will post a website soon, and a Facebook page... this is going to be both interesting and fun. If successful... wow! Ready to rock the world? Cool... run for Congress, or the state legislature, or mayor, or??? governor? lol Have a plan and a blog and a website and go to work... it's free and it'll be fun.